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Top 10 airports in the UK

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Top 10 airports in the UK

When it comes to travelling by plane, the biggest problem most of us face is the wait at the airport. But, some of these airports go the extra mile and do their best to make things easy while you’re checking in and waiting.

10. Blackpool International Airport

Though not as well-known as some of the UK’s bigger airports, Blackpool nevertheless boasts a plethora of features that make it reach this top ten list. For instance, there is free Wi-Fi, an executive lounge and a bar.

And, for those with children, there are baby-changing facilities everywhere. Though smaller in scope, there are shops with sweets, books and games, all to keep the children entertained.

9. Luton Airport

One of the smaller London airports, many try to avoid it. But there are many reasons to enjoy this smaller travel hub. There are great shops, fun food stops and the chance to grab a beer or two pre-flight.

It’s also got a gaming area for older kids, which can keep them entertained in the run-up to the flight. Getting there is easy, you don’t even need to bring a car as trains from London are direct and speedy.

8. Leeds Bradford

Top 10 airports in the UK

This airport does well when it comes to relaxation. There are a number of different lounges for both business and holiday travellers. It’s also got a ton of different restaurants.

Better still, it’s got family on the brain here, as there are plenty of child-orientated areas including child-friendly food villages and a play area. Speedy boarding is also available, and you can fast-track security which is great if you’re late or have those kids in tow.

7. London Gatwick

A little out of the way for some, it’s actually high up on the list due to its size. Yes, this means it offers a lot in the way of food from a simple continental breakfast to something fancy – caviar and wine for example?

Children have a lot to do here as there are viewing points to watch the flights depart and arrive. It’s also got a family lounge with TVs and showers. Additionally, the game arcade will keep older children entertained.

6. Edinburgh airport

Scotland’s biggest airport, it’s got a lot on in the way of eating. You can also take the kids here easily, with many restaurants catering to smaller children both in chair provision and the menu.

Elsewhere, it’s pretty standard, but you’re going to get processed through security relatively easily. It’s also the home of numerous art exhibitions if you want a little culture before you fly out.

5. Bristol Airport

This small airport features high up because it really has a lot on offer. It’s got a huge number of eating and shopping opportunities. And, you can Duty-Free shop, collecting your goods when you come back in.

Families are well catered for with children eating free at some restaurants. The Superdrug even has a pre-order facility available on milk formula and baby food.

4. Stansted

A very popular airport, this one is easy to get to from London. It’s got a wide array of entertainment options and good Wi-Fit throughout. Children can be entertained in the popular toy store, Hamley’s.

Just a 15-minute train ride to London makes this easily one of the most accessible airports. There are also numerous parking options, and it has the ability to amply cater to large crowds.

3. East Midlands

Another small airport, East Midlands makes it high up this list for many reasons. It’s got a great selection of shops, bars and restaurants. Both children and the boys will find the gaming arcade a great place to get stuck into. And, there’s plenty of strong Wi-Fi available throughout the site.

For ease of use and speed, this airport reaches for the stars. It’s got high-tech face recognition technology in place to speed up boarding and transit processes.

2. Manchester Airport

Surprisingly, Manchester Airport has some of the best shops and restaurants out there. It’s also got a great viewpoint with a panorama of two runways. And, this is where one of the Concorde G-BOAC planes lives. You can view it at the Runway Visitor Park.

Families have a lot to do as there’s a play area for the younger kids. Older children can enjoy great internet and the chance to access games and films online. There are also child-friendly menus for the pickier eaters.

1. London Heathrow

Unsurprisingly, Heathrow tops the list. It’s the largest airport in the country and truly has it all. Temporary exhibits, luxury lounges and an array of high-quality shops and restaurants can all be found here.

Terminal 3 is best for the kids though, as there are books and computer games available in a special kids’ lounge. It’s also very fast despite the large numbers flowing through every day. And, getting there is easy — just 15 minutes from London Paddington.