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Stansted Airport Parking

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Cheap parking at Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport (STN) is the third busiest airport in London. Due to the vast traffic that passes through the airport, it can be difficult to find a reliable and cost-effective parking lot. And that's why Parkos is here to help and guide travelers just like you to find an affordable off-site London Stansted airport parking lot.

Stansted Airport Parking On-site Off-site Charges Drop off About Address FAQ

Stansted airport parking prices are high compared to off-site ones. You can find parking lots charging up to £65.99 per day. Off-site airport parking lots are cheaper as they cost around £5.00 per day. Compare the parking deals that can be booked via Parkos in the table below.

Parking Week Day Transfertime Service
Platinum Meet & Greet £77.00 £50.00 0 min Meet and Greet
Platinum Meet & Greet VIP £115.00 £80.00 0 min Meet and Greet
SMG Park & Ride £58.49 £47.49 5 min Park and Ride
Stansted Meet & Greet VIP £98.49 £81.49 0 min Meet and Greet
Stansted Value Meet & Greet £78.49 £61.49 0 min Meet and Greet
UBC Stansted £84.00 £69.00 15 min Shuttle Parking

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Parking prices above are taken in July 2022 for an 8-day period. Prices may vary depending on the time of entry, period, length of your stay, and availability. To get an accurate quote we recommend you use the search form at the top of the page.

On-site Economy parking at Stansted airport

Stansted airport hotel and parking offers Economy parking. Free shuttle service is available for your convenience.

Stansted airport parking long stay and parking options include:

  • Stansted Short Stay Parking- only 2 min walking distance to the terminal
  • Long Stay Parking- 15 minutes to the terminal - accessible using a free shuttle
  • Meet & Greet- 2 to 3 minutes to the terminal building.
  • Jetparks- 15 to 20 minutes to the terminal by free bus service.

Stansted Airport short Stay parking

Short stay parking at the Stansted airport is right next to the terminal, ideal for those with young children and a lot of luggage. With 24-hour CCTV, regular staff patrols and floodlights, you can park reassured that your car is safe and secure. Moreover, you get to keep your car keys, so you can enjoy your travel knowing your car is safe at STN. Prices start at £69.99 for an 8-day stay. To get Stansted airport parking cheap parking, always pre-book your space at their official airport.

Off-Site Long Term Parking with valet and shuttle

Long-term free parking near Stansted airport with valet and shuttle is also available. The parking provider will park for you.

  • Short stay Economy Blue Zone located next to the terminal
  • Premium short stay Yellow Zone- 1 to 4 min walk for the terminal
  • Premium Short Stay Orange Zone- 1 to 4 min from the terminal
  • Short Stay Red Zone- 1-4 min walk from the terminal

Stansted Valet parking

Valet parking at Stansted is a great option for those looking to save time without the hassle of finding a parking spot. With Stansted valet, you walk into the check-in and hand over the keys to one of Stansted's experienced chauffeurs to park your car for you. Your vehicle will be kept safe in a secure storage for the duration of your trip. The valet drop-off point is located in Zone C of Express Set Down. You can also use Stansted airport parking and hotel for a relaxed overnight stay. Prices start from £105.00 per 8 days.

  • Short Stay Blue Zone- 10 to 12 min walk from the terminal
  • Meet & Greet- 5 to 10 min walk from the terminal

Stansted Airport Meet and Greet parking

If you're looking for a simple but premium parking experience, then Meet & Greet is the right option at Stansted. The experienced drivers at the airport will treat your car as if it was their own. Security at Meet & Greet is top-notch, and you can relax in the knowledge that your car is safe and taken care of. Meet & Greet is also close to the terminal, just a 2-minute walk from the check-in, so if you are travelling with lots of luggage, this car park is ideal for you. Prices start at £80.00 per 8-day stay.

Stansted Long Stay parking

Long Stay parking lots at Stansted are the best option for those looking to park their car for more than two weeks. The lots are Park Mark certified so that you can enjoy your trip with zero stress. The minimum stay for long stay parking lots is 6 days. After you pick a parking space for your car, a free shuttle bus will transport you to the airport. It is available after every 15 minutes. Long stay parking at Stansted combines convenience with great value for money. Prices start at £59.99 per 8 days.

  • Stansted official Meet & Greet
  • My CCSl official Meet & Greet parking
  • Stansted official Airport Park & Ride parking
  • My CSL Meet & Greet

Mid Stay Parking

Mid Stay parking in London is perfect for your one-week trip. A free shuttle bus transfer is accessible every 10 minutes and only takes 7 minutes to the terminal. As with all car parks at Stansted, security is tight, and you are guaranteed safety for your car. With Stansted Mid Stay, you pull up to the reception of your departure terminal, and your car will be parked for you after a plate recognition of your car. When you're ready to leave, your car will be waiting for you in the reserved spaces of the Mid Stay car park. Prices start at £66.99 per 8 day-stay.

  • From Cambridge, it's located at Bassingbourn round about 3rd exit
  • From London, it's located at Bassingbourn round about also 3rd exit

Stansted JetParks parking

JetParks is the cheapest parking option at Stansted. It is not close to the terminal, but a free shuttle is always available for your convenience. All you have to do is park and wait for the shuttle at the nearest bus stop. The car park's shuttle bus is wheelchair friendly. Also, there are designated Blue Badge bays. You'll need to display your badge while you are away. The car park is secured by security fencing, CCTV, regular staff patrols, and Park Mark awarded. Prices start at £61.99 for 8 days.

  • It is the best value car park at Stansted
  • A free shuttle is always available
  • From Cambridge, take the first exit at the round about and at the next round about take the first exit.

Off-site parking at Stansted Airport

The best way to get convenient parking at the Stansted airport is to use the off-site parking options. There are a number of off-site parking lots located close to the airport, offering both Meet & Greet and Park & Ride options. Keep reading to find out more about these two parking options.

Park & Ride parking option allows you to drive your car to the parking lot and park at a designated lot, then take a free shuttle bus to the airport. In this way, you avoid traffic around the airport. Our parking providers are located near the airport for convenience.

Meet & Greet is the most convenient option when it comes to parking your car at Stansted airport. When you arrive, a friendly driver will park your vehicle. Once you've completed a few checks together, your phone number will be needed to call when you are on your way to the airport. This is done so that they can be prepared to meet and greet you.

Parkos works hard to ensure the best customer service possible. The parking platform serves you with a comprehensive range of Stansted parking partners that will provide the best services to fulfill your needs. After parking at Stansted, customers get to submit reviews. So don't forget to read our parking lot's customer reviews.

Meet & Greet (all terminals)

To experience easier parking at Stanstead airport, we recommend using the Meet & Greet parking. Choosing this option over on-site can save you a lot of costs. Booking Meet & Greet using Parkos starts from as little as £95.00 for 8-day stays. The following companies at Parkos offer Meet & Greet at Stansted Airport.

  • Platinum Meet & Greet
  • Stansted Meet & Greet VIP
  • Stansted Value Meet & Greet
  • Platinum meet and Greet VIP
  • UBC Stansted
  • Stansted Meet & Greet

Park & Ride (all terminals)

Park & Ride is the cheapest parking option at Stansted airport. The exact location and directions to the parking lots will be given to you immediately after you have confirmed your booking. Prices at Parkos start from just £63.00/8 days stay. A free shuttle is available to take you to and from the terminal. Other companies that offer Park & Ride at STN include:

  • SMG Park & Ride
  • UBC Stansted
  • Stansted Value Meet and Greet
  • Stansted UB corporation

Stansted parking charges

Finding a budget-friendly parking lot at Stansted Airport can be stressful. The table below shows a quick and easy breakdown of all parking fares. Please note that the prices may vary depending on availability and the season.

Official Airport Week Off site Parking Week
Short Stay £67.99 Platinum Meet & Greet £77.00 - Book
Meet & Greet £80.00 Platinum Meet & Greet VIP £115.00 - Book
Mid Stay £67.99 SMG Park & Ride £58.49 - Book
Long Stay £59.99 Stansted Meet & Greet VIP £96.49 - Book
JetParks £62.99 Stansted Value Meet & Greet £76.49 - Book
UBC Stansted £105.00 - Book

Drop off and Pick up

The pick-up and drop-off parking lots are situated just across the terminal building (Express Set Down car park). The airport charges £4.00 for every 10 minutes of parking. However, there is a free parking option available for up to 1 hour. Drivers are advised not to leave their vehicles unattended. Also, there will be a £30.00 charge for re-entering within 1 hour of first entering the parking garage.

About Stansted Airport Parking

Stansted airport is the fourth busiest airport in Europe. It is located near. The airport only has one terminal, which makes the check-in process very easy. It offers several amenities to ensure there's something for everyone. Other airports that serve Europe together with STN include London Gatwick (LGW), Heathrow (LHR) and London Luton (LTN). STN serves over 200 destinations in more than 40 countries. In a year, it is able to serve over 28 million passengers.

Address and driving directions

STN is situated off the M11 motorway, junction 8, from the direction of Cambridge. From Central London, it's off junction 8a. Whether you're travelling by car, train or taxi, the airport has tons of road signs to follow. Stansted airport is 42miles (67.59 km) northeast of London and has easy and quick travel links to the rest of Britain. The postcode for the airport is CM24 1RW. Using Stansted Express is the fastest way to travel to London Stansted. Getting the train is easy as the station is located underground. Visit our Stansted Airport Travel Directions page.

  • M11: Main terminal: exit at junction 8a from the London side and follow the signs
  • M11: Main terminal: exit at junction 8 from Cambridge side

Parkos offers top-quality, secure, and affordable parking, ensuring that you have stress-free travels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How early to arrive at Londen Stansted?


    For flights from Stansted airport we recommend that you are checked-in and ready to go through airport security 2 hours before the departure of your plane. Please keep in mind that you will also have to take into account the following times.

    • Time to drive to the airport

    • Time to get from the parking to the airport terminal

    • Time to check in

    Stansted parking and checking time may be different depending on your car park and if your flight is domestic or international.

    Park and Ride 

    Park and Ride at Stansted means that you’ll drive straight to the airport parking. Once you park your car a shuttle bus will be ready to take you to the airport. The transfer time of the shuttle bus will always be displayed on the parking page of your chosen parking. In general the transfer takes 10-20 minutes. Shuttle departure is dependant on the parking. This can be on demand or on a schedule. Please check the information provided by the parking for your shuttle specifics.

    Meet and Greet 

    Meet and Greet parking at Stansted means that you will drive straight to the airport terminal. There a valet will be ready to park your car for you. As there is no transfer time this option will save you time. To avoid unnecessary stress make sure you call your valet driver to confirm your arrival time shortly before you arrive. 

    International flights

    Check-in for international flights might take more time as there are often additional security checks. We advise you to check in 3 hours prior to departure. This ensures you should have enough time for the check in process and clear security. 

  • How does Meet and Greet work at Stansted airport?


    If you have chosen the Meet and Greet parking option at London Stansted airport, there are a few things to consider. Despite the name, you will still need to drive to the departure hall. Upon arrival, a friendly staff member will assist you with a few checks and then park your car for you. Your confirmation email will include a phone number to call when you are on your way to the airport to ensure that they are prepared to meet you at the Stansted airport terminal.


    On arrival

    Once you arrive at the airport terminal, simply unload your bags and proceed to the check-in station. You do not need to drive to the parking lot as a member of staff from the Stansted car park will drive your car to the booked parking spot.


    Returning from Your Trip

    Please notify the car park provider once you have arrived and picked up your bags at baggage claim. The phone number of the Stansted parking partner is included in your booking confirmation email. You and a parking provider employee will then agree on a time for your arrival, and a staff member of the parking lot will drive your car to the assigned location. You will usually meet in front of the airport terminal at London Stansted airport.


    Advantages and Disadvantages

    There are both benefits and drawbacks to Meet and Greet parking. The following is a summary of the most important advantages and disadvantages:


    • Time-saving - having your car parked for you will save you time
    • Convenience - you will be able to exit your car closer to the departures area, reducing the distance to carry your bags, and likely receive more assistance from the car park employees



    • Trust - if you are unable to view where your car is parked, you may have some concerns about trust. However, Parkos only works with personally checked car parks that use trained drivers
    • Cost - due to the convenience and time efficiency of the Meet and Greet service, it is typically more expensive than other options like Park and Ride

    Check out more information about Stansted Airport Parking services available at Stansted airport.

  • How does Park and Ride work at Stansted airport?


    If you have chosen Park and Ride at Stansted airport, you drive to the car park of your chosen provider. You will be driven to the airport terminal with a free shuttle bus. In this way, you may avoid traffic around the airport. Our parking providers are all conveniently located near London Stansted airport. The distance of each partner is specified on our website, so you can see how long the shuttle takes to get to the airport.

    When you return from your trip, call the car parking provider. A staff member will be waiting for your with the shuttle bus at the arrivals hall. You will be driven back to the car park location. The phone number of the car park provider may be found in the confirmation email you receive from us after making a reservation.

    Traffic information

    It is recommended that you monitor the busiest routes near London Stansted airport on a daily basis. Particularly during morning and evening peak hours. Congestion on major roadways near the airport may occur, adding time to the journey. Checking ahead of time might help you avoid delays.

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