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Cheap parking at Luton Airport

Luton Airport is a busy international airport just 28 miles north of Central London. As such, finding a cheap and reliable parking spot for your vehicle can be hard. This is especially true during peak season. But Parkos can help you find an economical and safe London Luton Airport parking at any time of the year. We specialise in comparing off-site lots near the airport.

Luton parking On-site Off-site Charges Drop off About Address FAQ

Luton Airport car parking can be costly, with the airport charging up to £57 for a day's parking. But the off-site parking lots can come as low as just £4.62 a day, making these private lots much more affordable. You can refer to the pricing table below to compare the different off-site parking deals that Parkos brings to you.

The prices here are for an 8-day period in October 2022. They will vary depending on the timing & duration of your booking, as well as season & availability. Please use the search form at the top to get the latest Luton Airport hotel and parking deals.

Parking Week Day Transfertime Service
Airport Parking Luton - M&G £133.00 £70.00 0 min Meet and Greet
Airport Parking Luton - P&R £133.00 £59.00 10 min Park and Ride
Luton 247 Airport Parking £85.00 £50.00 0 min Meet and Greet

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Parking prices above are taken in July 2022 for an 8-day period. Prices may vary depending on the time of entry, period, length of your stay, and availability. To get an accurate quote we recommend you use the search form at the top of the page.

On-site Economy parking at Luton Airport

For Luton Airport long stay parking, you can avail economy parking along with a free bus service.

Cheap Luton Airport parking:

  • Short Stay Parking at Main Terminal
  • Valet Parking at Main Terminal
  • Meet & Greet Parking at Main Terminal
  • Long Stay Parking at Main Terminal
  • Business Parking Option with Priority Parking Lot at Main Terminal
  • Mid Stay Parking with Mid Stay Car Park at Main Terminal

Luton short stay parking main terminal

Short stay parking lots at Luton come in the terminal car parks, of which there are two. These are just 4-5 minutes walk away from the terminal. Terminal 1 Car Park also has facilities for charging your electric vehicle. Those driving 100% electric vehicles are eligible for a further discount as well. Just pay £1 if you park for up to 30 minutes. Short Stay parking comes at £67.50 for one day, with each additional day charged at the same rate. Let us now look at Luton Airport parking long stay.

Off-Site Long Term Parking with valet and shuttle

With these Luton Airport parking charges, a valet will park your car and a free shuttle will drop you off.

  • Short Stay Terminal Car Park 1: Main Terminal, Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9DH
  • Short Stay Terminal Car Park 2: Main Terminal, Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9QT

Luton Valet parking main terminal

Valet service at the airport comes with the meet & greet parking option. However, no dedicated valet parking lot is available. The trained valet staff will meet you at the Priority Parking reception in the Priority Parking lot and park your car for you. Note that Priority Parking is only available at Level 2 of Terminal Car Park 1. Valet parking is a great option for Luton Airport parking short stay, if you're looking for extra comfort and style to begin your trip. Also, valet service will cost you £39 for 5 hours of parking, and a flat £67.50 for each day of parking if you're travelling.

  • Valet Parking Priority Lot Level 2 Terminal Car Park 1: Main Terminal, Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9DH

Cheapest Luton Airport Parking for Meet & Greet main terminal

Meet & Greet service is available with the Priority Parking option at the airport. Just drop your car at the Priority Parking reception and a professional staff will take care of parking. Your car will also undergo disinfection, followed by a secure parking at the official car park. You can avail the meet & greet service at £22 for 2 hours, or a cheaper rate of £67.50 for a day's parking. However, if you're driving a fully electric vehicle, you can get the first 30 minutes of parking for just £1. This is the closest option to free parking in Luton Airport near the terminal.

  • Meet & Greet Priority Parking Level 2 Terminal Car Park 1: Main Terminal, Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9DH

Luton Long Stay parking main terminal

Long Stay parking option is available at the airport, at a 10-minute drive from the terminal. But a free shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes can drop you off. You also get to keep your keys. This is a secure parking option at pocket-friendly prices if you're unsure of when you will return. You can park your first hour for free, while the charge is only £5 for two hours of parking. But otherwise, the prices start at £30 a day, with each extra day charged at the same rate. However, you can get a week of parking for just £45.

  • Long Stay Parking at Long Stay Car Park: Main Terminal, Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9NW

Luton business parking main terminal

There is no dedicated business parking lot at the airport. However, the meet & greet option with the priority parking lot offers a close substitute. It is a speedy and convenient way to park at the airport. Just drop off your car at a dedicated reception and take a brief walk to the terminal to begin your business trip. The daily price is £67.50, inclusive of a meet & greet service along with valet staff. If you're going out for a full excursion, you can get a weekly quote of up to £473.

  • Business Parking Priority Lot of Level 2 Terminal Car Park 1: Main Terminal, Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9DH

Luton mid-stay parking main terminal

Unlike Heathrow, there is no Pod parking available at the airport. However, there is an exclusive Mid Stay car park instead. As the name suggests, the Mid Stay parking option strikes the perfect balance between the short and long stay modes, in terms of price and features. It is a 10-minute walk from the terminal, featuring blue badge spaces as well. This makes it a good option for passengers with disabilities. A day of parking costs £35, whereas you can avail weekly parking at a rate of just £62.

  • Mid Stay Parking at Mid Stay Car Park: Main Terminal, Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9QT

Off-site parking at Luton Airport

Off-site parking can be a great way to save money on your parking, as long as it does not compromise the safety of your car. Multiple off-site parking lots are available near the airport. There are both Park & Ride and Meet & Greet options, depending on your budget and needs.

Park & Ride Luton lets you park your car at a designated location and head straight to the airport. You get an indoor parking spot for your car, and a shuttle service to drop you to the airport. Also, don't forget to factor in the airport transfer time into your travel planning.

Meet & Greet Luton is where a driver will pick up your car from the airport when you're departing. Your driver will then be waiting at the airport with your car when you return. Just call to inform the team when you're still in the baggage area. You'll then meet the driver outside the terminal.

Parkos compares the best off-site parking services near Luton Airport. We compare both Park & Ride and Meet & Greet lots. Besides, our customers regularly leave reviews of Luton parking service from our parking providers. So, you have both facts and user opinions at your disposal to make a choice.

Meet & Greet (all terminals)

Meet & Greet parking is a convenient way to make your travel experience smoother. However, it can also be costly. But choosing an off-site option for this type of parking can be cheaper, compared to the on-site lots. Booking one via Parkos starts at £53 for 8 days. The following companies offer this type of parking near Luton Airport:

  • Airport Parking Luton- M&G: at TCP1, level 3, meet and greet area

Park & Ride (all terminals)

Park & Ride is the more budget-friendly way to park your vehicle near Luton Airport. The parking lots are just a 10-minute shuttle ride from the airport. Parkos rates start at just £37 for an 8-day period. Below are the companies that provide this type of parking around Luton Airport:

  • Airport Parking Luton- P&R: at Luton Station Multi Storey Car Park

Luton parking charges

Finding the ideal parking spot for your budget can be hard. The table below gives a quick summary of your options. All prices are for an 8-day parking period and accurate at the time of writing. Note that the prices may vary between seasons.

Official Airport Week Off site Parking Week
Priority Parking - Meet and Greet £53.49 Airport Parking Luton - M&G £133.00 - Book
Long Stay Car Park £37.99 Airport Parking Luton - P&R £133.00 - Book
Mid Stay Car Park £39.99 Luton 247 Airport Parking £85.00 - Book
Terminal Car Park 2 £57.99
Terminal Car Park 1 £69.99

Drop off and Pick up

Drop-off/pickup zone at the airport is in the priority lot. It is just minutes' walk away from the terminal. However, the mid stay parking lot gives you the first 15 minutes for free, at a 10-minute walk from the terminal. Long stay parking lot is also a great option at a 10-minute drive away, with free parking for an hour and costing just £5 for the second hour of parking. A full day can cost you about £30, depending on the season.

Luton Airport Parking: About Luton Airport

Luton Airport (LTN) is an international airport just an hour's drive from Central London. It is the fourth-largest airport serving the London metropolitan area. The airport features one main terminal in a two-storey building, along with a single runway. As of 2018, it handled over 16.5 million passengers, making it the fifth busiest airport in the UK. It is also a major hub for easyJet and Wizz Air. Together with Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted airports, it plays an important role in air transport in the London area.directions

Address and driving directions

Luton Airport is situated at Airport Way, LU2, Luton in Bedfordshire, England. It is accessible via both M1 & M25, providing excellent connectivity to the rest of the country. Central London is just 30 miles from the airport, whereas Cambridge, Oxford, and Birmingham are just 35, 50, and 90 miles away, respectively. Use postcode LU2 9QT if you're using satellite navigation, and follow the road signs for your car park or drop-off point. We have summarised the quick directions to the airport below. For further details and directions to our parking companies, please visit our Luton Airport driving directions page.

  • M1: Exit the motorway at Junction 10, and follow the signs to your car park or drop-off point
  • M25: Firstly, join the M1, then exit the motorway at Junction 10 and follow the signs

Parkos lets you book safe & affordable airport parking all over the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How early to arrive at Luton?


    For parking at Luton we advise you to be present at the car park or at the departure hall at least 2.5-3 hours in advance. This is because Luton Airport advises you to be present at the check-in desk 2 hours in advance. The three hours may sound a bit long, but it gives you all the time you need to drop off your car, take the shuttle to Luton, and gives extra time to spare in case of traffic delays. Arriving early ensures you can relax and travel stress-free.

    Park and Ride 

    If you have chosen Luton Park & Ride, you will take a shuttle bus to the terminal, after parking your vehicle. Most times you can immediately board the shuttle, but it is sometimes the case that the shuttle bus has just left, and you will have to wait for its return to the car park. Shuttles take a maximum of 30 minutes between rides.

    Meet and Greet 

    If you have booked Luton Meet & Greet, we advise you to arrive at the meeting point 3 hours in advance. The parking attendant will first check your car for any damage and fill out the necessary paperwork. It can sometimes be the case that you have to wait for an available attendant, which is why we recommend arriving 3 hours prior to check-in. Meet & Greet gives you peace of mind and allows you to easily drive straight to Luton Airport.

    International flights

    If you have an international flight, Luton advises you to be present at the check-in desk 2 hours in advance, as the desks do not open more than 2 hours before flight departure. We therefore advise you to be present at the car park (Park & Ride) or at the departure hall (Meet & Greet) 3 hours in advance.

  • How does Meet and Greet work at Luton airport?


    Some parking partners offer a Meet and Greet service, which is a quick and easy way to park your car close to Luton airport. You can drive direcly to Luton airport and call the staff of the booked car park half an hour before your arrival at the departures hall. Then they know that you're on your way to the airport of London Luton. You can find the number of the car park provider in the confirmation email you receive after you have made a reservation. Read the article for more information about the Meet and Greet parking service at London Luton airport. 

    Continue your journey

    You drive your car to the London Luton airport terminal. When you arrive at the departures hall, a member of the staff from the car park will be waiting for you there. The staff member will check your car for any damage to avoid miscommunications when you pick up your car. You have to hand over your keys to the car park operator and the staff member will drive your car to the car park. You can then go to the check in desk at Luton airport without having to worry about anything. Convenient. Easy. Time efficient.

    On return

    Contact the car park staff when you have arrived at the airport and collected your luggage. The phone number of the parking provider is contained within the confirmation e-mail. You then arrange a time for your arrival with the employees of the car park. After that, a member of staff will drive your car to the agreed location. You will meet in front of the Luton airport arrivals hall.

    Meet and Greet: advantages and disadvantages

    When parking at London Luton airport, you should always make an well informed decision. Below are the pros and cons of the Meet and Greet service, provided at London Luton airport.


    Time effiency. It saves a lot of time when your car is parked for you. You don't have to drive from the car parking location to Luton airport.

    Comfort. You don't have to carry your heavy luggage from a parking lot outside the airport to the departure hall. Simply leave your car in front of the departure hall.


    Trust. You can't see where your vehicle is parked. We can guarantee that all of our parking partners only used trained shuttle bus drivers and staff members.

    Cost. It is more expensive to park your car with a Meet and Greet service. Park and Ride is the cheaper option.

  • How does Park and Ride work at Luton airport?


    When you select the Park and Ride service at Luton airport, you drive to the booked parking lot. Parkos' comparison platform features parking partners all located near Luton airport. A complimentary shuttle service connects you to the Luton airport terminal. In the confirmation email you can find more information about the shuttle, such as the time it takes to get to Luton airport. Our website included more information about the Park and Ride parking services provided by Luton airport parking providers.

    The phone number of the parking provider is included in the confirmation email we send you after you reserve your Luton airport parking space. Please contact the parking provider to inform them about your return to Luton airport. You meet a parking staff member at the agreed location at the arrivals hall. 

    Traffic information

    The area of London Luton airport might be a crowded and congested location with regular traffic delays. We advise you to take extra precautions when you come to the airport by car. Before you leave, check the busy routes and see if there are any road works going on.

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