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Can You Charge an Electric Car at the Airport?

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Can You Charge an Electric Car at the Airport?

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Wherever you’re flying to and from, the most convenient way to reach the airport is by car. While this is usually a simple case of finding the nearest parking lot at the best price, if you have an electric vehicle, there are more factors to consider. There’s nothing worse than coming back from a holiday or business trip to find that your EV has a flat battery. Read on to find out all about airport EV charging.

Which Airports Offer EV Charging?

So, where can you find airport electric vehicles charging points? Many airports now provide electric vehicle charging stations, including London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and Newcastle International Airport (NCL). If you require EV charging at the airport, check the details with the parking operator. You may need to inform the operator when booking that you require airport EV charging so that they can reserve you a spot with a charger.

Some airports will offer charging facilities in the official airport parking lot, but cheaper options may be available nearby. So, it pays to make inquiries into all the parking facilities close to the airport. While some parking lots charge extra for use of the electric vehicle charging station, others include it in the cost of parking. To be able to understand the costs of different parking lots, you’ll need to consider all the costs involved.

Unfortunately even where EV charging points exist, in some cases booking is not available, so a charging point can’t be guaranteed.

How Much Does EV Charging Cost?

To calculate the full cost of parking and EV charging, you need to consider all the charges applied by the parking operator. Some providers don’t charge anything extra for charging electric vehicles at the airport, but you might find their prices are higher overall. Others will advertise their electric car charging station cost separately from parking charges. So, try to calculate the whole cost before you commit.

While cost is an important consideration, more important is the availability of chargers. We think this will improve with time, but right now you need to be careful. If you have an electric vehicle, booking in advance is more important than ever.

Which Airports Have The Most EV Charging Stations?

Up until now, the UK has been lagging behind European airports in terms of EV changing. Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport already has 400 EV charging points, with up to 10,000 more in the pipeline. However, it is hoped that UK airports will increase their charging capacity in the future. At the moment only around half of UK airports offer EV charging.

Which Airports Have The Most EV Charging Stations?

How to Find an EV Charging Spot at the Airport

If you own an EV, you don’t want to leave finding a charging point to chance. So, use our guide to make sure you get the airport EV charging spot you need.

Check Availability at all Nearby Parking Lots

The first step to finding the EV charging point you need is to find out what’s available. Use our comparison tool to find EV parking options near the airport. It’s worth taking note of how many charging spaces are available and whether you can book a charging spot in advance. Once you know what’s available, you’ll want to consider the total cost of parking, including the EV charging cost.

Compare Prices

Remember that some parking lots charge extra for EV charging, while others include it in the basic price. You need to add up all the costs involved in order to make a comparison. It’s also worth checking if valet parking options offer EV charging. For the most convenience and to save time it could be worth the extra few dollars.

Secure Your Spot

When you own an EV, you know you need to be certain of a charging point. While with a gas-driven car, you can drive straight up to the parking lot, with an EV you definitely need to book. Always make sure you’re booking a spot with an EV charging point. With the increasing numbers of EVs, quite soon demand will exceed supply.

Read The Instructions Carefully

As always when booking parking in advance, you should read all the instructions carefully. Make a note of the parking lot address and the payment procedures. Some lots offer online advance payments and others require payment on arrival. Check the terms of your parking lot to be sure.