Travel directions to Glasgow Airport

On this page you can plan your trip to Glasgow Airport. Here you can also find other useful tips about travelling through United Kingdom by car.

Address information

Glasgow Airport

Carlyle House, Lower Ground Floor
235-237 Vauxhall Bridge Road

Traffic Information:

Glasgow Airport is located 9.4 miles (15.1km) west of Liverpool city centre and has 2 terminals. T1 is the main terminal, T2 is for low cost carriers. T1 & T2 are located next to each other.

Glasgow Airport is located next to the M8. From the M8 you can take exit 28 when coming in from the eastside and 29 when coming from the westside of the airport. From this point you’re almost immediately at the airport. Simply follow the signs to your departure terminal or your Glasgow Airport parking. The M8 connects to the M898, M77, M74, M80, M73 and M9.

If you’re using satnav the postcodes are:
Main Terminal (T1): PA3 2SW
Low cost carriers (T2): PA3 2SW

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Under normal weather conditions you can expect the following travel times:

Glasgow -> Glasgow Airport (GLA) 9.4 miles / 0:12 hours
Kilmarnock -> Glasgow Airport (GLA) 27.2 miles / 0:30 hours
Edinburgh -> Glasgow Airport (GLA) 55.4 miles / 1:00 hours
Dumfries -> Glasgow Airport (GLA) 83.5 miles / 1:30 hours

On the road information:

Always make sure your car is in good condition when leaving for the airport. Check your tire pressure, engine oil, coolant. We advise you do also do a quick check on your lights to see if all of them are working correctly.


Alongside the main roads you can find plenty of petrol stations. But when you're on a time schedule it might be better to fill your gas tank before you leave. This might also be the cheaper option as fuel cost less in built up areas.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is there to help you when you run into car trouble. Always make sure you have the number of your roadside assistance company at hand. For example by saving it in the contacts on your mobile phone.

Maximum Speed

We understand that you might be in a hurry, but we encourage you to be carefull and stick to the speed limits.

  • 30 mph in Built-up areas
  • 60mph at Single carriageway
  • 60mph at Single-track roads
  • 70mph at Motorway
  • 70mph at Dual carriageways

Be mindful of any road & motorway construction that might be happening around Glasgow airport.

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