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Directions to Exeter Airport

On this page you can plan your trip to Exeter Airport. Here are also useful tips for driving through United Kingdom by car.

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Exeter Airport
United Kingdom
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  • Traffic information


    Traffic Information:

    You can reach Exeter airport by car, train, bus, or tram. The cheapest option is typically public transportation, however, it's not a comfortable or convenient option. The easiest way to reach the airport is driving yourself, it’s also the most convenient. You can enjoy the comfort of your own car and you won’t have to rush out the door, as you can leave at your own leisure. When driving yourself, you can save money by booking Exeter airport parking via Parkos

    Exeter Airport is located 6.3 miles from Exeter. If you use SatNav to reach the airport, you can plug in the following address: Exeter EX5 2BD

    Once you get closer to the airport, follow the posted signs to the terminal.

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    The following travel times are an estimation, based on normal traffic and weather conditions:

    Exeter -> Exeter Airport (EXT) 6.3 miles/ 0:20 hours
    Torquay -> Exeter Airport (EXT) 26.2 miles/ 0:41 hours
    Plymouth-> Exeter Airport (EXT) 48.3 miles/ 0:54 hours
    Glastonbury -> Exeter Airport (EXT) 57.4 miles/ 1:13 hours

    On the road information:

    Before you begin your journey to the airport, we suggest checking your car to prevent any problems that may come up during your drive. The things we recommend for your inspection includes:

    • oil
    • coolant
    • tire pressure
    • lights

    Roadside assistance

    If you have any problems with your vehicle, you can contact roadside assistance. They will help you get back on the road or, if the damage is too great, tow your vehicle to be fixed. If this is the case, you will need to find alternative transportation to get to Exeter Airport.

    Petrol stations

    When you begin the journey, it's advised that you fill up your tank before merging onto the motorway, as the stations are typically cheaper in the built-up area. If you have an electric car, charge your car before leaving, as not every petrol station has electric charging ports. Due to safety concerns, stations may not offer LPG in the built-up areas, but it can sometimes be found at stations along the motorway.

    Maximum Speed

    We would like to remind you of the following speed:

    • Motorway: 70 mph
    • Dual carriageway: 70 mph
    • single carriageway 60mph
    • single-track road 60mph
    • Built-up areas 30 mph

    Please pay attention to road & motorway construction and check traffic conditions before you leave.

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