Park at: East Midlands Airport

East Midlands Airport parking reviews via Parkos

When you’re traveling, we understand that you want to leave knowing your car will be safe. There are many parking options available including Meet & Greet, Park & Ride, outdoor vs covered/indoor, etc. With so many different parking offers, which East Midlands Airport parking provider will you choose? To help you decide, you can read reviews left by previous Parkos customers.

Reliable reviews

Once a reservation has been completed, we invite customers to share their experiences and thoughts. In these reviews, you can find out if a car park is reliable and professional. We show you honest reviews from real customers because we value transparency at Parkos. You can find both good and bad reviews, which in the end will help you find a car park that works for you.

While reading through the parking reviews, it may be helpful to keep a few things in mind. You can get a better idea of what to expect at the car park by reading multiple reviews. It’s also important to look at the date of the review. A negative review from over a year ago may not be as accurate as a positive review left only a few months ago. The more recently written reviews will give you a better idea of what to expect at the car park and help you decide which parking to book with. Another thing to keep in mind when you come across negative experiences is to look at what the customer found negative about the car park. Then think of how you may have reacted in that situation; maybe it’s something that wouldn’t be an issue for you, and the provider may still fit what you’re looking for.