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Tips to Clean your Car

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Tips to Clean your Car

Going on a holiday with a to-do list as long as your arm? You may not have thought about adding cleaning your car before you go to that list, but it’s best to do so. Do you find cleaning your car a really bothersome job? Well, read on, and we will tell you why you should clean it and some great cleaning tips to get your car looking sparkly and new.

Why clean your car before you travel?

Imagine looking forward to jetting off to Gatwick Airport for that much deserved break and a couple of weeks of sun, sand and sangria? Next, picture yourself flying home and picking up your car from the airport long-term car park. Then opening your car door to a messy, smelly car. Unpleasant, right?

Leaving discard food wrappers and crumbs can attract bugs, is most likely going to smell quite nasty and could set you up the wrong way after your wonderful holiday. Perhaps even trigger post-holiday blues. A clean and uncluttered car is conducive to a clean and uncluttered mind. Now, let’s look at those cleaning tips.


Many people opt to use the drive-in automatic car washers that give your car a really thorough wash. While these machines are undoubtedly very convenient and take out the sweat and muscle required for a manual clean, they are not always recommended. The brushes and clothes used on automatic washers can damage your paintwork. Micro-scratches, also known as swirl marks, is a sure way to take their toll on your car’s paint job.

The tools of the trade

So how is best to clean your car yourself without breaking your back doing so? First things first, make sure you don’t commit the rookie error of using dishwashing liquid. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t buy a quality car washing solution. These specialized liquids are gentle on your car’s paint.

Next, make sure you have a good hose, at least two buckets, a good brush or two and some quality cloths, ideally microfibre cloths. Regular sponges are not recommended as these can also cause swirl marks. And don’t forget that quality car wash solution.

Start washing

Begin the washing process by starting cleaning from the wheels. Some people like to use a third bucket during this part of the clean as the wheels can be full of grit. Not removing the grit from the bucket before using it again, can inadvertently cause you to scratch your car.

Next, move on to washing the body of the car. Begin by hosing the car down, then use the cloth that has been dipped in the car wash solution. Use a left and right motion with the sponge but without applying too much pressure to avoid scratches. Make sure you check the cleanliness of the cloth as you go to avoid cleaning with a dirty cloth. Rinse and repeat, with a final good hose down to get rid of all those suds.

Let it dry

A quality drying towel is well worth the investment. Glide the drying towel over the car body in similar motions during the rinse process to avoid unsightly smudge marks. Once you’ve cleaned the outside, it’s time to open those car doors and work on the inside.


Start with taking out your floor mats and give them a good shake and clean. While these are out of the car, get the vacuum (preferably using a small head attachment that can really get inside those nooks and crannies) and suck up those pesky crumbs.

Dashboard and console cleaning

Give surfaces a good clean with a quality disinfectant wipes or a specialized interior cleaner. If you have leather seats, it is advisable to use an upholstery and leather brush. A good microfibre cloth will make the cleaning process much easier, with our leaving residues.

Make sure you are careful when cleaning any dashboard screens. Ideally, use the same product on these as you would on TV or computer screens. Using the wrong products, such as harsh household cleaners can seriously damage you interior, so these are best avoided. And once is all is cleaned, inside and out, you’ll be feeling as good as your car looks clean.

tips to clear your car interior

So keep your car clean

Next time you plan another Spanish getaway to Manchester Airport, don’t forget to use our cleaning tips to have your car to be nice and clean for your return!