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Congratulations to our Parkos Awards Winners

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Congratulations to our Parkos Awards Winners

It’s that time of the year again. We’re celebrating the best airport parking providers from around the world. It’s no secret that we only work with the best providers around. This ensures that we give all customers a safe and reliable place to park their cars when they travel. All that hard work doesn’t go unrecognized. For the last few years, we’ve awarded airport parking providers who go above and beyond to keep cars safe. This level of service also includes doing what it can to keep customers happy.

That’s why we have the best airport parking 2023 awards; to recognize all our providers’ hard work. But who qualifies for the Parkos awards?

What are the Parkos Awards?

As the name suggests, the Parko Awards rewards the best airport parking 2023 has on offer. Since our website compares car parks in and around airports, we’re in an excellent position to know what satisfies customers.

Our parking partners are based all over the world. They include France’s Charles de Gaulle airport parking and Switzerland’s Geneva Airport, among others. This means we have an extensive overview of customer reviews and ratings of their experiences at these airport parking spots.

So, when we put together the annual Parkos awards, it’s based on actual customer satisfaction.

Award Criteria Used

With hundreds of parking providers under our portfolio, it’s easy to sift out the best of the best. Our platform works to keep customers — people who need parking near an airport — happy. This means we allow them to provide feedback about their experiences.

Feedback can be in the form of a short survey form or a star rating out of 10.

So, for an international airport like Frankfurt International Airport, you have Frankfurt Airport Parkservice. This is one of the best-rated airport parking providers with a customer rating of 9,6/10. Another impressive airport parking spot is ParkingWay, close to Rome Fiumicino Airport. It has a 9,5/10 customer rating.

Determining who receives the Parkos awards is not just about an overall, generic rating. There’s a need for transparency in getting down to the specifics of how the awards are given out. That’s why we’ll discuss the various criteria when determining the best airport parking providers working with the Parkos platform.


When dealing with airport parking, you want to ensure you have a spot when you arrive. Generally speaking, people don’t have the time for any inconvenience when they drop off their cars at an airport parking spot.

They still need to make sure they get to the airport and check in to their flight with time to spare. A reliable parking provider near the airport is organized, secure, and quickly resolves any issues.


Airport parking is generally considered a safe option for travelers who need to park their car while they are away on a trip.

Most airport parking facilities have security measures, such as surveillance cameras and security guards, to help protect parked cars and deter theft and other crimes. In addition, many airport parking lots are fenced and well-lit, which can also help to enhance safety.

Value for Money

Then, of course, you want to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Airport parking spaces can be quite expensive. But, if you’re getting services such as valet parking and even a carwash included in the bill, paying more might be worth it.

However, other drivers need somewhere safe to leave their cars for a few days, and the price tag should match this simple requirement.

Who qualifies for a Parkos Award?

Regarding the best airport parking awards, we focus on the star ratings. All parking partners with a customer satisfaction Parkos rating of 8.5/10 or higher qualify for a prize. This means that the customers are directly determining the best airport parking in 2023.


It’s great to see how international travel has continued to pick up after a tough couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our airport parking providers have continued to provide excellent service to customers. Service “par excellence” assures customers of a safe and reliable parking spot while they’re away on a trip.