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Maximize Your Annual Leave in 2024

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Maximize Your Annual Leave in 2024

Proper planning lets you get the most out of your annual leave days in 2024. This means scheduling your leave days around the holidays and weekends instead of random days. With strategic planning, you can enjoy a unique work-life balance every year.

Therefore, you’ll extend your leave days and stay away from work for more days. You can even navigate around school holidays and take your entire family with you to a beautiful destination. Irrespective of your state, there is a way you can maximize your leave days with our unique scheduling.

How to Maximize Your Annual Leave

Full-time employees have an annual paid leave of about 25 days every year. So they can spread out these days all year round. You can take an off day when you have an emergency, like a burial or attend a function. Or take a few days away from work and relax.

Plan Your Leave Around Weekends and Holidays

With next year having fewer bank holidays since 2020, we can help you extend your annual leave days. The government requires all public organizations, including banks, to close their offices on public holidays. So you can take advantage of the bank holidays and get more time away from work.

If you book your leave days on the following holidays, you can enjoy up to 55 days.

Extend Your New Year Holiday

You can start 2024 with a few days off and extend your New Year celebrations. Simply take your leave days between 2nd and 6th January. This will help you extend your holidays from 30th December to 7th January.

You can take advantage of these days if you didn’t manage to visit your family members during the Christmas holidays. Book your flight for 29th December from Bari Airport and visit your family members.

Extend Your Easter Weekend

If you can’t extend your New Year holidays, you can take advantage of Easter weekend. Instead of only enjoying the long weekend, you can take a few days off before and after Easter.

With Easter being the last weekend of March, you can book off from the 25th to the 28th of March and the 2nd to the 5th of April. This means you’ll only book 8 days and be away from the office for 14 days. You can leave for holiday on 23rd March and return on 7th April.

With 14 days you can land at Bologna Airport and enjoy your Spring in Italy. Or enjoy your mid-spring in the United States.

Dates to Book in May

In May, you can use the 2 bank holidays (6th and 27th) to extend your leave days. You can use 4 leave days to enjoy 9 days away from work.

The first holiday is on 6th May, so you can take your leave days between 7th and 10th May. This means you’ll relax from 4th to 12th May, which is 9 days.

If you missed the first holiday, you can convert the 27th bank holiday to a 9-day-long holiday. You can start your leave on 25th May and return on 2nd June. Simply book your leave from the 28th to the 31st to enjoy your holiday.

Dates to Book in August

You can enjoy over a week off during summer, which is more than enough for you to go for a summer getaway. Take your leave day between 27th and 30th. Since the holiday will be on a Monday, you can enjoy your summer holiday from 24th August to 1st September. If you need more time, you can also add a few days from the previous week.

Dates to Take Your Leave Days in December

The Christmas holidays are on Wednesday and Thursday; you can use the remaining 5 days to earn 12. Book your remaining leave days between 21st December and 1st January 2025. The December days should include the 23rd and 24th, followed by the 27th, 30th, and 31st.

And if you manage to also book January 2nd and 3rd, you can enjoy 16 days with your family.

Book Your Leave Days Early

Since you can’t leave your office unattended, you may have to book these days early. This will ensure that your leave days are approved on time for you to leave. Everyone knows about these days, so the earlier you book them, the better.

How to Maximize Your Annual Leave


Most full-time employees in Europe get at least 25 leave days every year. These relaxing days can come in handy when you have an emergency or need to relax. And with proper planning, you can use the 25 days and get 50 off.

But if you use one round of the May dates, then you’ll only use 23 dates to get 46.