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Handy Parking Tips

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Handy Parking Tips

Have you ever rushed to the airport desperately short of time and then faced a parking nightmare? Whether this has already happened to you, or whether you fear it will, reading our handy parking tips can spare you a parking disaster or potentially, a missed flight. Let’s take a look and see some of the tricks for hassle-free parking experiences.

Book ahead

One of the main ways to avoid parking stress is by taking a few minutes to book your airport parking ahead of time. Many airports such as Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, provide different types of parking options. There are usually multiple service providers at each airport, so using a parking comparison site is super helpful.

Being on top of the parking game means that it is easier to find a parking spot closer to the airport. Whether you have a mountain of luggage and small children in tow, avoiding lengthy shuttle bus rides is the dream. Booking ahead makes it far more likely that you will find a closer spot. It can also save you the dreaded no available parking space scenario.


Many people consider multiple transport options when going to the airport, including buses, trains and taxis. By far the most popular parking method is self-parking. Here, you select a car park and then usually make your way to the airport terminal via a shuttle. But selecting the right self-parking isn’t always as easy as that, as there are multiple factors that you need to consider.

Long-term or short-term?

If you’re going away on that dream holiday for a month, you definitely need to be purchasing long-term parking as this can be significantly cheaper that short-term. Longer-term car parks tend to be located further away from the airport terminal than short-term parking. This means a longer shuttle ride, which at times may be the last thing that you want.

Covered or outside parking?

Your car may be your pride and joy. The mere thought of parking it outside for an extended period, exposed to nasty winter weather, could well ruin your holiday mood. In that case, paying more for indoor or covered parking, such as that provided in Zurich airport, may be well worth it. You can rest easier knowing that your car will be well protected from the elements.

Handy parking tips at the airport

Valet parking: a little luxury

If you feel like treating yourself or your significant other, valet parking is the way to go. The valet service of dropping your car off at a designated spot, usually at the terminal. When you return from your trip, you simply make a quick call and your car will be returned to sometimes within minutes.

Valet parking is of course more expensive than self-parking. But it reduces all the hassles typically associated with parking your car yourself, such as the shuttle journey and the inevitable waiting around. Valet parking at Nice airport can at times save you an hour.

Additionally, a valet service is also very helpful for travellers with mobility issues, especially in airports with poor accessibility in parking areas. Starting your trip with this valet service is certainly a time and stress-saving win.

Park and sleep

Early morning flights can prove to be extra tough. Instead of starting your trip exhausted before you even get on the plane, check out parking options at hotels close to the airport. If you happen to be visiting the lone star state of Texas, Dallas-Forth Worth airport has numerous hotels in the vicinity that provide a shuttle service.

Shuttle service schedules may vary, with some shuttles departing on the hour and others on demand. Regardless, a park and sleep option can massively reduce travel stress by combining your rest and parking into one.

Book your airport parking now

With many parking options available to cater for all needs and budgets, planning ahead of time can save you time, money and stress. Parking yourself will save you money compared to valet options, but you do have the added inconvenience of taking a shuttle and handling your luggage. That being said, there are many car parks to choose from and provided you don’t book last minute, you will find the right parking place for you!