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Cheapest parking in Gatwick

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Cheapest parking in Gatwick

One of the perks of taking your car to the airport is a quick getaway on your return. But, you don’t want to be spending huge amounts on keeping the car parked while you’re away. With that in mind, finding cheap parking is a must. However, when you’re at somewhere like Gatwick, this can be a tricky ask. Depending on the time of year it can be next to impossible. Luckily, there are some workarounds on this, which is where we step in to help.

What can Gatwick parking cost?

Well, depending on where you’re parking and the time of the year, you can be looking at as much as £25 or more per day. But, you don’t have to be paying this as there are areas that cost just £6 per day, if you know where to look.

Parking off-site

Cheapest parking in Gatwick

Without a doubt, parking off-site is going to be the cheapest option. However, it’s not for everyone. That being said, let’s take a quick look at the off-site options for Gatwick parking.

Park and Ride is the cheapest choice by far. The P&R site is just 15 minutes drive from Gatwick and it operates a shuttle bus. However, the car park is not as secure as other sites hence the price. If you’re not comfortable leaving your car for an extended period of time here, then this is not for you.

Of course, there are other off-site parking options including the Meet and Greet, but these do tend to increase in price.

Dropping off and picking up

Alternatively, you can actually avoid parking in Gatwick altogether, something quite common at other big airports such as Heathrow or Stansted. But, this isn’t always possible for everyone. Even then, there are fees for picking up and dropping off and these processes need speedy turnarounds so as not to rack up too big a bill.

Cheap on-site parking at Gatwick

Of course, there is also the option to park on-site, but if you’re looking to keep things cheap, then this is not really the best option. Yes, there is Economy parking here alongside a free bus service (much like the Park and Ride), but the daily starting price is still that much higher.

How can I keep my Gatwick parking cheap?

As we mentioned, there are a number of different factors that can impact your parking prices. For instance, if you book during the summer holidays, that’s peak season, you’re obviously going to be paying the prime price. As such, it’s worth considering flights outside of these dates.

The length of your stay will also impact the cost. If you’re parking long-term, you may find that you get a better price per day than if you’re just staying for a couple of days.

Additionally, costs can be impacted by how far in advance you book. Typically, the earlier you are, the better it will be for you. Leave it last minute and the demand is greater which means those prices will just go up. Let’s look at these factors, and more, in detail:

Pre-book for cheaper rates

You can get the best prices with us at Parkos, and one of the best ways to get the cheapest parking is to book in advance. Amazingly, early bookings at Gatwick can save you a whopping 70% on the costs, so it’s really worth being organised.

Check out non-flexible deals

If you’ve already booked your flights and have absolute dates set, then you can also look for non-flexible parking deals. As many people don’t know their dates exactly, flexible parking can be pricier. You can instantly save via some of the Gatwick airport parking packages with your fixed dates. Be aware though, that if you do change your mind or flight dates later on, these cheaper priced non-flexible parking rates can’t be adjusted or cancelled. So, if you are going to lock in low rates like this, make sure it’s final.

Pair parking with hotel bookings

Amazingly, you can sometimes save more cash by booking a hotel at the same time as your parking. Pay to stay in one of the hotels in the area, and you could end up getting a deal on parking too. In fact, sometimes they’re cheaper than packages that only include parking.

Keep updated

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