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Gatwick Airport Parking reviews via Parkos

When you travel, you will of course want to park your car safely. There are many possibilities from valet parking versus shuttle parking and outdoor versus indoor parking. Which Gatwick parking option should you choose? Reviews from other customers can help you find which car park fits your needs.

Reliable reviews

Parkos publishes all reviews and experiences about the parking providers at Gatwick Airport. This way you can see whether a provider is reliable, and the service is good. Customers can only leave a review if they have made and completed a reservation through Parkos. The reviews are 100% independent and authentic.

It is important to keep a number of things in mind when reading reviews about the car parks. For example, we suggest reading more than one experience. Occasionally you will come across a complaint about the parking provider. Please read carefully why the customer may have had a poor experience and consider what you would think of the provider in that situation. This can help you decide if the provider is right for you or not. It is also important to look at the date of the review: a good, recent experience says more than a bad review from a year ago.