How early to arrive at Londen Stansted?

For flights from Stansted airport we recommend that you are checked-in and ready to go through airport security 2 hours before the departure of your plane. Please keep in mind that you will also have to take into account the following times.

  • Time to drive to the airport

  • Time to get from the parking to the airport terminal

  • Time to check in

Stansted parking and checking time may be different depending on your car park and if your flight is domestic or international.

Park and Ride 

Park and Ride at Stansted means that you’ll drive straight to the airport parking. Once you park your car a shuttle bus will be ready to take you to the airport. The transfer time of the shuttle bus will always be displayed on the parking page of your chosen parking. In general the transfer takes 10-20 minutes. Shuttle departure is dependant on the parking. This can be on demand or on a schedule. Please check the information provided by the parking for your shuttle specifics.

Meet and Greet 

Meet and Greet parking at Stansted means that you will drive straight to the airport terminal. There a valet will be ready to park your car for you. As there is no transfer time this option will save you time. To avoid unnecessary stress make sure you call your valet driver to confirm your arrival time shortly before you arrive. 

International flights

Check-in for international flights might take more time as there are often additional security checks. We advise you to check in 3 hours prior to departure. This ensures you should have enough time for the check in process and clear security. 


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