How does Meet and Greet work at Stansted airport?

There are a few things to consider if you have chosen the Meet and Greet service at London Stansted airport. The Meet and Greet parking option still necessitates driving to the departure hall. When you arrive, a friendly staff member will park your car for you once you have completed a few checks together. The confirmation email will include a phone number to call when you are on your way to the airport so that they can be prepared to meet and greet you at the Stansted airport terminal.


Continue your journey

You just unload your bags and proceed to the check-in station to begin your journey once you arrive at the airport terminal building. You are not required to drive to the parking lot. Your car will be driven to the booked parking spot by a member of staff of the Stansted car park.


On return

Please notify the car park provider that you have arrived and have picked up your bags at the baggage claim. The phone number of the Stansted parking partner is included in the booking confirmation e-mail you have received. Then you and a parking provider employee agree on a time for your arrival.  After that, a staff member of the parking lot will drive your car to the assigned location. You will usually meet in front of the airport terminal of London Stansted airport.


Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. A summary of the most important advantages and disadvantages of Meet and Greet parking are summarized below.


Time saving. Having your car parked for you will undoubtedly save you time. Simply go to the departures hall and get out of your car: a staff member will take over from there and you can continue your way to your destination.

Convenience. Another advantage that arises in a variety of ways is convenience. For example, you exit your car closer to the departures area, requiring less distance to unload and carry your bags and, most likely, get greater assistance from the employees of the car park.


Trust. If you don't have a chance to view where your car is parked, trust might be a little disadvantage. However, Parkos only works with personally checked car parks, which use trained drivers.

Cost. Because of the convenience and time efficiency of the Meet and Greet service, this service is a little more expensive than for example Park and Ride.


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