How early to arrive at Heathrow?

When parking at Heathrow, we recommend arriving at the car park or departure hall minimum 2.5-4 hours prior to your flight departure time. We advise early arrival based on the suggestions from Heathrow Airport. Although showing up 4 hours early sounds like a long wait, it may be necessary for international flights as you will then have an hour before needing to be at check-in, and have time to spare in case of delays. Not to mention, arriving at your destination with plenty of time to spare ensures a more relaxing, stress-free experience. 

Park and Ride 

If you have booked Heathrow Park & Ride, you will first park your vehicle at the car park before being taken to the airport by shuttle. In most instances, you can immediately board the shuttle bus upon arrival. However it may be the case that you arrive right after the shuttle has departed, and you must wait for it to return for the next pick-up. The shuttles run approximately every 30 minutes.

Meet and Greet 

Have you chosen Heathrow Meet & Greet? If so, we suggest you arrive at the designated meeting point 3 hours prior to your departure time. Upon arrival, the parking attendant will inspect your car for any damages and complete the necessary paperwork. If the attendant is busy and unavailable when you arrive, you may have to wait. That’s why we always recommend arriving 3 hours ahead of your flight. One of the pros of booking Meet & Greet is it gives you peace of mind and you can simply drive straight to Heathrow Airport without any additional stops.

International flights

If you’re flying international, Heathrow recommends that you check-in 3 hours prior to your flight’s scheduled departure. We therefore advise you to be present at the car park (Park & Ride) or at the departure hall (Meet & Greet) 3.5-4 hours in advance.

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