How does Meet and Greet work at Heathrow airport?

The Meet and Greet service at Heathrow provides a quick and easy method to park your vehicle. You drive directly to Heathrow airport's departure hall and phone the parking partner approximately a half-hour before your arrival. They will then know you are on your way to the airport terminal of Heathrow airport. The parking phone number can be found in the confirmation email you have received. You can read more information on the Meet and Greet service of car parks near Heathrow airport in the article.


Heathrow parking


Continue your journey

You can drive your car to the departure hall of Heathrow airport. When you arrive, a parking provider staff member will be waiting for you. He will check your car for damage. The employee of the parking provider will take your keys and drives your car to the parking terrain. You can then check in at Heathrow airport with peace of mind. There is no need for you to drive to the parking lot; the parking lot staff will park your car for you in a parking space. Easy right?


On return

Please contact the parking provider to let them know you've arrived and picked up your luggage at the baggage claim. The parking partner's phone number is contained in the booking confirmation e-mail. Then you and a parking provider staff arrange on a time for your arrival. Following that, an employee will drive your car to the agreed-upon place. Normally, you will meet in front of the airport terminal.


The benefits and drawbacks of Meet and Greet

When it comes to Heathrow parking, you always should make an informed choice. The advantages and disadvantages of the Meet & Greet service are outlined below.


Time-efficient. It goes without saying that having your car parked for you will save you time. You are directly at the departure hall and do not need to drive from the car park to Heathrow airport.

Convenience. You are not required to bring your big and heavy luggage from an off-airport car park to the departure hall. You just exit your vehicle in front of the departure hall.


Trust. You can't see where your car is parked in the parking lot. We can promise you, however, that all of our parking partners on our comparison platform only operate with qualified shuttle bus drivers.

Cost. The Meet and Greet parking option costs little more than other parking alternatives.

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