How does Meet and Greet work at Southend Airport?

Parkos provides a Southend airport parking Meet and Greet service to its customers. This service means you can hand your car over to one of the car park providers' staff when arriving at the terminal. The staff member drives the car to a parking space, where it will remain until your return.

After you have booked and paid for this service on our website, you will receive an email detailing where to meet the car park provider's staff. This will be accompanied by their name and telephone number. This way, you'll be able to maintain contact with each other in case any issues arise.


Continue your journey

Our Meet and Greet service is perfect for people who appreciate its convenience or are pressed for time. It also suits people with mobility issues as they will not have to travel far to the terminal. The service allows for a seamless transition to the departure hall.

You can spend the extra time you save by booking the Meet and Greet service by having a bite to eat or a drink in one of the restaurants and bars at Southend airport. Alternatively, you could spend some time browsing the duty-free shop, accessible to everyone since Brexit.


On return

When you book our meet and Greet service, we will ask you for your flight details.This way we will know exactly when you will be collecting your car when you return to Southend. You can contact the car provider's staff on arrival, and your vehicle will be waiting for you at the designated spot when you leave the terminal.


Advantages and disadvantages

When you book Parkos meet and Greet service, you will realise its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. The benefits include allocating less time to your journey when travelling to the airport. You will also enjoy the convenience of walking straight into the terminal on arrival at Southend. The disadvantage is that it costs more than our Park and Ride service, as it offers more benefits.


Time efficiency. When you are on a tight schedule, booking our Meet and Greet service at Southend airport is the safest way to ensure you make your flight. Even if you think you have timed your journey well, unexpected delays may occur. With Meet and Greet, you reduce the risk of this happening.

Convenience. Meet and Greet affords you great convenience. You only have to unload your luggage when you reach the terminal building and hand over the keys to the car park provider. The same applies to your return home. The car park providers' staff will be waiting for you with your car at the designated spot.


Trust. At Parkos, we understand that handing your car over to someone else isn't easy. However, we guarantee that we will take the best care of your car when you are away. If you are in any doubt about this, read all the positive reviews we have posted on our website.

Cost. The one disadvantage of booking our Meet and Greet service is that it costs more than standard parking at the airport. However, this extra cost will be worth every penny if you want to save on your journey time and have a seamless transition to the airport terminal.


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