How does Meet and Greet work at Manchester airport?

The Meet and Greet service at Manchester airport is a simple and convenient way to park your car. You drive straight to the departure hall of Manchester airport and you call the parking partner about a half-hour before your scheduled arrival. They will then be aware that you are on your way to the airport terminal. The phone number of the parking can be found in your confirmation email. In this article you can read more information about the Meet and Greet service of the car parks near Manchester airport.


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Continue your journey

Drive your car to the departures hall. Once you are there, an employee of the parking provider will be waiting for you. He will inspect your vehicle for any damage with you and sign a receipt. The parking attendant will take your keys and drive your vehicle to the parking terrain. In the meantime, you can proceed to the check-in counter at Manchester airport. There is no need for you to drive to the parking lot: the employee of the parking lot will park your car for you in a parking spot.


On return

Please call the parking provider to notify them that you have landed and you have picked up your suitcase at the baggage drop-off. The phone number of the parking partner is included in the reservation confirmation e-mail. Then you and an employee of the parking provider agree on a time for your arrival. After that, an employee will bring your car to the agreed location. You will usually meet in front of the arrivals hall.


Advantages and disadvantages of Meet and Greet

When booking a parking spot at Manchester airport, you should always make an informed decision. We have listed the benefits and drawbacks of the Meet and Greet service below.


Time-efficient. Having your car parked for you will undoubtedly save you time. You are directly at the departure hall and you don't have to travel from the parking lot to Manchester airport. 

Convenience. You don't have to transport your heavy luggage from an off-airport parking lot to the departure hall. You just get off your car in front of the departure hall.


Trust. You can't see how your vehicle is parking in the parking lot. However, we can assure you that all the parking partners on our comparison platform only work with certified drivers.

Cost. The Meet and Greet parking service is slightly more expensive than other parking options.


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