How does Meet and Greet work at Liverpool airport?

The Meet and Greet service is an easy and convenient parking option. You drive yourself directly to the departure hall. About half an hour before your scheduled arrival, you call the phone number of the parking partner at Liverpool airport. They will then know that you are coming. You can find this phone number in our booking confirmation.


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Continue your journey

When you arrive at the departure hall, an employee of the parking provider will be waiting for you. Together with you he will check your car for any damage and sign a receipt. The employee of the parking will take your keys and drives your car to the parking lot. In the meantime, you can walk straight to the check-in desk at Liverpool airport. The employee will park your car for you, there is no need for you to drive to the car park.


On return

As soon as you have landed and picked up your suitcase at the baggage drop-off, you can call the parking provider to inform them that you have landed again. The phone number of the parking partner is listed in the confirmation e-mail of your reservation. Then you agree with the parking provider on when you will arrive. An employee will then bring your car to the agreed spot. You will often meet in front of the arrivals hall.


Advantages and disadvantages of Meet and Greet

When your book a parking space at Liverpool airport, you always want to make a well-considered choice. We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of the Meet and Greet service.


Save time. Because you drive to the departure hall yourself, you save time, you are directly at the departure hall and do not have to travel from the car park to Liverpool airport.

Convenience. You do not have to carry your luggage from an outside parking area to the airport. You get off in front of the departure hall.


Trust. Unfortunately, you cannot see where and how your car is parked, but we can assure you that all the parking providers on our platform work exclusively with certified drivers. 

Cost. Meet and Greet parking option is usually slightly more expensive than Park and Ride.

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