How does Meet and Greet work at Humberside airport?

The Meet and Greet service at Humberside Airport allows you to quickly and simply park your car. You drive straight to the departure hall at Humberside Airport and phone the parking partner approximately a half-hour before your arrival. When you arrive at Humberside Airport, our parking partner will be notified. You may find the parking phone number in the confimation e-mail you got after booking a parking spot. This article contains further information on the Meet and Greet service at Humberside Airport.


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Continue your journey

You bring your car to the Humberside airport's departures hall, where you will be welcomed by the parking company staff. The vehicle is next inspected for damage, and you must sign a receipt for this. As a result, everytime you return from a vacation, you should carefully inspect your vehicle to see whether it has been damaged. The staff will take your keys and drive your vehicle to the car park. In the meanwhile, you may travel to the Humberside airport and check in at the check-in desks, then continue your journey without concern. You do not need to travel to the parking lot; instead, the staff will park your car for you in an available spot.


On return

When you return from your journey, please notify the parking staff that you have returned and retrieved your luggage from the baggage claim area. The parking partner's phone number can be found in the reservation confirmation email. You and the parking partner have agreed on an arrival time and place. Car park employees will take your car to the agreed-upon location at the airport, which is normally in front of the Humberside airport arrivals hall.


Advantages and disadvantages

When parking with a Meet & Greet service at Humberside Airport, you should always make an informed decision. The benefits and drawbacks of the Meet & Greet service are explained below.


Time-efficient. Having your car parked for you saves you time. You arrive at Humberside Airport and do not need to drive from the parking lot to the terminal building.

Convenience. You do not need to carry your large and heavy bags from the airport's parking lot to the departure hall at Humberside airport. All you have to do is park your car in front of Humberside Airport's departure hall.


Trust. You can't see where your car is parked in the reserved car park you've reserved. However, we can promise you that all of our partners only employ certified transfer shuttle bus drivers. You may be confident that your vehicle is parked in a secure and safe location at the parking terrain.

Cost. Meet & Greet is significantly more expensive than other parking options, such as Park and Ride.


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