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Cheap parking at Durham Tees Valley Airport

Car parking at Teesside Airport is the most convenient option when you want to depart from Teesside Airport, as it is secure and within walking distance from the airport terminal. Therefore, Parkos has developed a straightforward, stress-free method for reserving affordable car parking at the prestigious Teesside airport.

Durham Tees Valley Airport parking On-site Off-site Charges Drop off About Address FAQ

Use an off-site parking lot, such as the one near the Durham Tees Spa Hotel, for a cheaper option to the official Teesside Airport car parking. It is situated on airport grounds but requires a short journey to reach. The charges are reduced, and the parking lot provides a low-cost starting point for individuals seeking the cheapest Teesside Airport parking.

You should note that car parking charges Teesside Airport may vary depending on the time of your arrival, the season in which you are travelling, the duration of your stay, and the availability.

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Parking prices above are taken in July 2022 for an 8-day period. Prices may vary depending on the time of entry, period, length of your stay, and availability. To get an accurate quote we recommend you use the search form at the top of the page.

On-site Economy parking at Durham Tees Valley Airport.

You also can choose the economy parking, which comes with a free bus service from the Teesside airport parking.

Types of parking at Teesside airport.

  • On-site parking at the official Airport car park: You are able to book a parking spot for your car at the airport.
  • Park & Ride: The Park & Ride option is quite dependable. You just locate a free parking place, reserve it in advance, then drive your vehicle to the car park.
  • Meet and Greet: You can leave your car with the airport attendant, who will meet you after your return to the Teesside Airport terminal
  • Hotel and Parking. You can park your car at a hotel near the Teesside Airport car park.

Teesside Airport short-stay parking terminal.

Passengers can choose a short-stay airport parking Teesside which is very convenient and cheap. It is only a short distance walk from the terminal to the parking lot. When you spend a minimum of £2.50 at the Landside Café or the Skybar, you are entitled to free car parking for up to two hours. For purposes of validation, a receipt is required to be presented. Most people prefer this method as it is cheap and easy to use for passenger drop-offs and pick-ups from the Teesside Airport.

Off-Site Long Term Parking with valet and shuttle

A parking attendant will park your car for you if you choose the off-site parking Teesside Airport.

  • The valet service option is available to passengers at a fee.
  • The long-stay parking is designed for people who are travelling for a long period.
  • The business parking that offers a bus ride to and from the terminal
  • There is also a POD option in which passengers ride a pod to the terminal.

Teesside Airport Valet parking terminal 1.

Parking attendants are in charge of car parking Teesside Airport. They pick up the car keys at a pre-planned designated spot from the owner of the vehicle, drive, and park the car in the airport parking lot. You are able to travel with the knowledge that your car will be maintained and safeguarded by the Teesside airport security. Valet service at Teesside Airport is convenient and affordable to use if you are in a rush to get to the terminal or even possibly late for your flight. Below are the advantages of using the valet parking service at Teesside Airport.

  • It saves you time as you do not need to wait in line at the parking lot.
  • The airport is in charge of looking after your vehicle while you travel so you are assured of its safety.

Car parking at Teesside Airport Meet and Greet.

The Meet & Greet service at the airport provides visitors with flexible and efficient help, allowing them to avoid long airport lines and get convenient access to airport amenities. These include access to VIP lounges, upscale restaurants, and baggage delivery, among countless other amenities. These services are ideal for people who often travel for business or pleasure. They are great for first-time solo travelers who have difficulties navigating the airport's complex processes until they reach the final waiting terminal. Below are some advantages of using the Meet and Greet service.

  • You are able to avoid long queues for the available parking spots.
  • It assures the safety and security of your car while you travel.

Teesside Airport Long Stay parking terminal.

Parking lots for long-term airport stays are kept distinct from those used for day use at the airport, and their rates are much lower. Long-term airport parking is intended for those who plan to be gone for many days and will save you both time and money while giving you peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe. In addition, if you wish to do so, you may use the website to make a reservation for a parking space for your car. You will save a lot of time as a result of how simple it is to find the parking place you reserved.

  • You can avoid the expensive cost of hiring a taxi or Uber.
  • You can also avoid the unexpected delays that come with public transport.

Teesside Airport business parking terminal 1

To access valet parking, you should call ahead and make a reservation. After you arrive, you will need to give your keys to the valet, who will park your car at a pre-planned spot. The valet service is very easy and convenient for passengers who are in a rush to get to the terminal and do not want to waste time parking their car. Upon your arrival, you will need to pass through the valet service area, where an attendant will bring your car to the terminal. Below are a few advantages of using valet parking at Teesside Airport.

  • It reduces the tie you need to spend parking your car if you're late.
  • It is easy and convenient to use for all passengers.

Teesside Airport POD parking terminal 1

POD parking is convenient and very easy to use. You will find the pod service car in the parking lot of the hotel you choose, close to Teesside Airport. The pod carries about four people, and the pod is clean and well-maintained. It also takes a short time to arrive at the Teesside airport terminal 1 as the hotels are only a few minutes away from the airport. Most hotels in the area close to the airport are equipped with beautiful views and considerate staff if you choose to spend the night before you take your journey. Below are a few advantages of using POD parking at Teesside Airport.

  • You are able to spend the night in a clean and cozy room before you travel.
  • The pod ride to the airport is fast and very convenient for passengers.

Off-site parking at Teesside Airport

Passengers at Teesside Airport can choose off-site parking, which Parkos partners near Teesside Airport offer. Off-site parking comes with a shuttle bus service that drops off or picks up passengers at the terminal. It is safe and convenient for passengers that are staying away for a long time.

The Park and Ride option is quite dependable. You just locate a free parking place, reserve it in advance, then drive your vehicle to the airport car park. An employee of the parking facility will then transport you to the airport via shuttle service. In addition, you will not need to make any arrangements for your baggage.

The Meet & Greet option at Teesside Airport is an easy and fast way to park your vehicle at the airport. You drive straight Teesside Airport's departure hall and notify the parking partner thirty minutes before your scheduled arrival. They will then be aware that you are approaching the terminal building.

Parkos is giving UK customers peace of mind in knowing that the car parks they choose are safe and secure. They rely on customer reviews as well as in-person inspections to ensure the safety of the car parks they endorse to UK travelers. They also list methods you can use to the car park while travelling in the UK.

Meet & Greet (all terminals)

Choosing off-site Meet & Greet parking versus on-site parking may result in significant cost savings. Meet & Greet bookings with Parkos begin at $4.61 per day. With the Meet and Greet option at the Teesside airport, you arrive at the terminal in your vehicle, and a car park staff will take care of it and drive it to its designated parking area.

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Park & Ride (all terminals)

Park & Ride is the greatest alternative for those seeking the cheapest parking option near Teesside airport. You may leave your vehicle in a parking lot located some distance from the airport terminal and take a shuttle bus to the terminal. The price per day begins at only £2.84. Parking for eight days is more affordable, costing just £40.

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Teesside Airport parking charges

Up to 15 minutes costs £2.50 Up to 60 minutes costs £5.00 Up to 24 Hours costs £23.00 Up to 2 days costs £40.00 Up to 3 days costs £45.00 Up to 4 days costs £49.00

Official Airport Week Off site Parking Week
On-Airport Car Park £40.00 - -

Drop off and Pick up

On the other side of the Teesside Airport terminal building from the parking lots, there is a designated area that may be used for dropping off and picking up passengers. It is done via the shuttle bus or personal cars. It will cost you £2.50 for the first 15 minutes of your stay. In addition, you will be charged £5.00 for the15 - 60 minutes and £7.00 for each hour thereafter.

About Car Parking Teesside Airport

Teesside Airport is among the most convenient, safe, and easy to go through, according to many customer reviews. It is easily comparable to its larger counterparts, such as Newcastle Airport, Gatwick Airport, and Norwich Airport. It features safe and secure car parking, a shuttle bus service, and a single terminal that is well accessible by all UK customers. Passengers at Teesside Airport also can park off-site in secure car parks around the airport.

Address and driving directions

The Teesside airport is really located far closer to Darlington than it is to Durham, which is about 25 miles to the south. Because of its proximity to the A1(M), the terminal is simple to locate regardless of whether you are approaching it from the south or the north. Teesside Airport has a single terminal. As you enter the terminal, check-in counters are placed on both sides. Arrivals are situated on the terminal's left side, close to the check-in booths on the same side. The lounges are situated behind the security checkpoints, farther toward the rear of the terminal building. In most cases, boarding will start 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Below are some routes you can use to access the Teesside airport terminal.

  • You may either take the M62 route east to the A1(M) and connect with it there.
  • Beginning in the Newcastle region, the A1 journey south is almost direct (M). Exit at the junction 60 route and use the back routes down to the airport.

Visit our Teesside Airport driving directions page to learn more about the address and find directions to the parking companies.

Parkos has given customers in the UK who want to travel security by knowing that the car parks they endorse are safe.

Parking rates at Durham Tees Valley Airport

Parking provider Parking type Price per 8 days

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Tu. 21/05/2024 to We. 29/05/2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How early to arrive at Teesside airport?


    We recommend arriving at the parking lot or in the departure hall at least three hours in advance for parking near Teesside airport. Durham Tees Valley Airport recommends checking in at least two hours before departure and being prepared to go through security. We recommend that you allow an extra one hour to go from your car park to the airport and complete the check-in process.

    Park and Ride

    You'll drive to the car park where a shuttle bus will be waiting to take you to Durham Tees Valley Airport with Teesside Airport Park and Ride. The majority of Parkos parking lots function with private shuttles that will transport you to the airport upon your arrival. If a car park works with a driving schedule, it will always be explicitly noted on our website. The shuttle will most likely depart every 30 minutes in this situation. Please double-check the shuttle information supplied by the car park.

    Meet and Greet

    You will meet your chauffeur at airport the terminal if you choose Teesside airport Meet and Greet. We recommend that you schedule your pickup at least 3 hours in advance. This way, you'll have ample time to move your car and check in. To save extra tension, call your shuttle driver immediately before you arrive to confirm your arrival time. Your driver will be waiting for you at the terminal to ensure that your transfer goes as smoothly and promptly as possible.

    International flights

    Teesside Airport does not differentiate between foreign and local flights. Instead, they recommend that you arrive at least 2 hours early to go through security. As a result, we recommend that you arrive at the parking lot at least 3 hours before your flight. You'll have an hour to go from the parking lot to the airport and another hour to check in.

  • How does Meet and Greet work at Teesside airport?


    How does Meet and Greet work at Teesside airport?

    Teesside Airport's Meet & Greet service is a simple and quick way to park your car at the airport. Drive directly to Durham Tees Valley Airport's departure hall and contact the parking partner about a half hour before your planned arrival. The parking phone number can be found in your confirmation email.

    Continue your journey

    Drive your car to the airport's departures hall. A parking provider staff member will be waiting for you when you arrive and will check your car for damage and have you sign a receipt. The parking attendant will take your keys and drive you to the parking area. You can go to the Teesside airport check-in desk while the car park staff parks your car for you in a parking space.

    On return

    Please phone the parking provider to let them know you've arrived and picked up your luggage at the baggage claim. The parking partner's phone number is contained in the reservation confirmation e-mail. Then you and a parking provider personnel arrange on a time for your arrival. An employee will transport your vehicle to the agreed-upon place, typically in front of the arrivals hall.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    When reserving Teesside airport parking, it's important to make an informed selection. The advantages and disadvantages of the Meet & Greet service are outlined below:


    - Time-efficient: It goes without saying that having your car parked for you will save you time. You are directly in the departure hall and do not need to drive from the parking lot to Durham Tees Valley airport.

    - Convenience: You are not required to bring your large luggage from an off-airport parking area to the departure hall. You just exit your vehicle in front of the departure hall.


    - Trust: You can't see where your car is parked in the car park. However, all of the parking partners on our comparison platform only operate with licensed drivers.

    - Cost: Teesside airport's Meet and Greet parking service is significantly more expensive than other parking options.

  • How does Park and Ride work at Teesside airport?


    When you choose Park and Ride at Durham Tees Valley Airport, you drive yourself to the parking provider's parking lot. All of the parking partners on Parkos' comparing platform are close to the airport. The airport terminal is accessible through a free shuttle bus. You can check how long the shuttle bus will take to arrive to Durham Tees Valley airport on our website and in your confirmation email you receive from us after making your reservation.

    On return

    Please contact the parking provider when you return from your trip and arrive at Durham Tees Valley airport. You will meet a parking lot employee at the agreed-upon spot at the airport terminal. The parking provider's phone number will be included in the confirmation email you get from us after booking your reservation.

    Traffic information

    If you are travelling to Durham Tees Valley airport, please be aware that it is a crowded and congested location with constant traffic delays. As a result, whether your flight is late at night, early in the morning or in the afternoon we recommend taking extra measures. Check the daily busiest routes and see if there are any road repairs going on before you go.

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