How early to arrive at Belfast Airport?

How many hours you should arrive at your Belfast airport parking depends on two things. 1. The type of flight you take (international or domestic) and 2. your parking method (meet and greet or park and ride). In general it is advised to be ready to go through airport security 2 hours before your plane takes off.

Park and Ride 

Park and ride means that you’ll drive your car to an offsite location. Here you park your car yourself. A free shuttle service is available to take you to Belfast airport. Most offsite parkings are located within a 10-20 minutes drive from the airport. When calculating the time you should arrive at the airport you should include the parking, shuttle transfer time and check in time. The estimated transfer time can always be found in the listing page of the parking.

Meet and Greet 

Meet and Greet means that instead of driving to the parking you drive to the airport. At Belfast airport a valet driver will be waiting for you. After quick paperwork the valet will park your car for you. When you choose meet and greet parking you don’t have to add extra time for parking and transfers. 

International flights

International flights often have more security measures in place. Check in can take longer. You might have to go through passport control or have your visa checked. This costs extra time. We don’t want you to stress in case the airport is busy and waiting lines are long. We therefore advise you to be at the airport and ready to go through security 3 hours before boarding.

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